Episode 038: The Art of Simplifying Your Life with Emily Ley

Episode 038: The Art of Simplifying Your Life with Emily Ley

Raise your hand if you’ve ever found yourself desperately wishing life were a little simpler? We TOTALLY feel you girl, and in today’s episode we are joined by none other than the queen of simplicity herself, Emily Ley.

Emily is a wife, a mom to 3, creator of the Simplified Planner, and author of A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living, which officially hits the shelves TOMORROW, November 21st!

In this episode we’re exploring what exactly it means to embrace simplicity in all areas of your life, especially as busy wives and moms, and you’re going to hear us share some practical tips that we hope you’ll be able to take and apply to your own life.

What You'll Hear:

  • Emily sharing a candid behind-the-scenes look at the ups and downs of journey as a wife, mom, and successful (busy!) business owner
  • How Emily has endeavored to stop living "with her hair on fire" and what it means to embrace living "medium"
  • The life-changing power of a poster board and sharpie
  • Why embracing your season of life is essential

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Episode 038: The Art of Simplifying Your Life with Emily Ley