Episode 037: Creating Space for What Matters Most this Holiday Season

Episode 037: Creating Space for What Matters Most this Holiday Season

In this episode we’re exploring how to be intentional about focusing on what really matters this holiday season by evaluating and reframing our expectations, letting go of what steals our peace and joy, and creating space to be blessed and savor the season.

If the holidays already have you feeling stressed and you want to make sure that you go into this season with vision and intention, we hope you’ll grab a cup of coffee, sit down and enjoy

What You'll Hear:

  • The importance of learning to prune back areas of your life to create space for your life to flourish
  • How to refocus and recenter on what matters most during this season
  • How to decide what gets a place in your life and what doesn't
  • Why we are advocates of choosing less during this time of the year (and always!)
  • How to evaluate your expectations and let go of toxic mindsets
  • Tips for creating physical space in your home to create space for the new and reduce your mental load

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Episode 037: Creating Space for What Matters Most this Holiday Season