Episode 033: Pursuing Purpose in Motherhood

Episode 033: Pursuing Purpose in Motherhood

In this first installment of a new 3-part Intentional Motherhood series we are exploring the idea of purpose in motherhood, sharing a bit about our journeys in and through motherhood, some of the challenges we've faced, things we've learned and what we are still working on.

We hope you’ll find a breath of hopeful encouragement as you listen in, and that you’ll feel reinvigorated to take ownership of the way you’re experiencing and doing motherhood each and every day!

What You'll Hear:

  • How we both began our journey to motherhood
  • How we've infused purposed throughout our journey (and sometimes not!)
  • A surprising (and slightly comical!) point of common ground between us
  • The opportunity we have as mothers to invest the best of ourselves into leaving a legacy

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Episode 033: Pursuing Purpose in Motherhood