Episode 032: How to Cultivate What Matters with Lara Casey

Episode 032 How to Cultivate What Matters with Lara Casey

In order to live a rich, abundant life filled to the brim with peace, purpose and joy it's important to work toward gaining and understanding of what it is that actually matters most to us!

In this episode we are joined by the incredible Lara Casey, a wife, mom of three, Founder of Southern Weddings Magazine, Author of Make It Happen and Cultivate, and creator of the Powersheets, for an amazing conversation about what it looks like to cultivate what matters in the pursuit of living a grace-filled, intentional life.

As you'll hear Lara share, good things grow little by little, through careful and consistent nurturing, and we hope that listening into this conversation will be one small step toward growing something good in your life.

What You'll Hear:

  • How to figure out what matters most when you have no idea where to focus
  • Practical steps to pursue and cultivate what matters, little by little, every day
  • How God is faithful to lavish us in grace and mercy while restoring and transforming our minds, hearts and lives
  • The real reason we often struggle to find confidence in our purpose as women, wives, moms, etc
  • The necessity of leaning into the seasons of life, prioritizing what matters, and letting the rest go

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