Episode 030: Purposeful Productivity with Tonya Dalton

Episode 030: Purposeful Productivity with Tonya Dalton

If you're tired of being tired and overwhelmed, trying to keep up with #allthethings in your busy life, never actually feeling fulfilled and accomplished by the end of the day, you are going to LOVE this episode.

We are joined by the lovely Tonya Dalton, Founder of inkWELL Press and Creator of the Productivity Paradox Podcast, who is dishing up some major wisdom on how to be purposefully productive in every area of your very full life.

What You'll Hear:

  • How Tonya managed to grow a thriving global business while raising two small children primarily on her own while her husband traveled weeks at a time
  • The difference between being busy and being productive (and how to distinguish between the two)
  • Practical strategies for how to get the right things done each day so you go to bed each night feeling fulfilled

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Episode 030: Purposeful Productivity with Tonya Dalton