Episode 029: How to Stop Multitasking & Get Focused

Episode 029: How to Stop Multitasking & Get Focused.png

In a world that glorifies staying busy and getting as much done as possible, it can be a real challenge to figure out what to actually focus on moment by moment and then how to stay focused.

In this episode we're sharing a really honest look at how we struggle (and win!) at this in our own lives, as well as some eye-opening insights and practical suggestions we hope will help you begin learning to find your focus.

What You'll Hear:

  • The difference between multi-tasking and multi-focusing (and why it matters!)
  • How to discern what you should focus on moment to moment
  • The importance of acknowledging and honoring the season you're in
  • Practical ways time-blocking will help you stay focused (& less stressed!)
  • A life-changing way to overhaul your to-do list

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Episode 029: How to Stop Multitasking & Get Focused