Episode 023: Why Simplicity is Always the Answer

Episode 023 Why Simplicity is Always the Answer

Woohoo!! We are BACK for Season 2 after a wonderful summer of rest, relaxation and enjoying time with our families, and we can't wait to jump into this new season with you.

To kick things off, we wanted to start somewhere very near, and dear to our heart, so in this episode we’re talking all about.....you guessed it, simplicity!

We're going to take a look at what exactly simplicity is, what it looks like lived out, and why we believe that (apart from Jesus!) simplicity is always the answer to stress, overwhelm and frustration.

You’ll hear us share how learning to embrace purposeful simplicity has changed our lives, and hopefully be encouraged to begin embracing simplicity in your own life as well.

What You'll Hear:

  • How simplicity is a godly principle and how Jesus set the perfect example of simplicity
  • The difference between something being complex and complicated (we’re breaking out the dictionary on this one!)
  • Why we don’t love the term “simple living” and what we prefer instead
  • How a lack of simplicity often leads to a lack of focus
  • Why simplicity is a mindset, a discipline and a skill that has to be developed
  • Practical, everyday examples of what choosing simplicity looks like in daily life
  • How to avoid overwhelming yourself by trying simplify #allthethings all at once
  • How to identify high-impact, high-yield areas to simplify

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Episode 023 Why Simplicity is Always the Answer