Ep 009: Confessions of a Work-At-Home Mom: Finding Balance & Figuring Out What Works

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Let's be real: juggling all the many things on our plates as moms is a never-ending challenge that definitely isn't for the faint of heart. Add in running a business on top of it all, and you've probably got your hands filled to overflowing (seriously, you know we get it!)

In this episode we are diving deep into how we make life and business work on a daily basis as stay-at-home, homeschooling moms, as well as sharing some practical tips and insights that we hope will help you if you find yourself in similar shoes.

We are big believers in transparency and authenticity and we don't want a single one of you work-at-home mamas feeling like you're the only ones in the world experiencing the challenges you face! So, go grab a cup of coffee or tea, pop those earbuds in and get ready to have your multi-passionate mama heart filled.

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